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I keep asking for the gym leader every time I go. I think it is a combo electric and fire gym considering everyone looks like Lt. Surge but vtan

In NJ every gym stereotype is extremely true and mines directly next to a luncheonette and a tannery
I’m gonna make a chaturbate account for Ralph and Audrey under the couples section and just do a 24-7 live feed with interactive robotic laser pointer action

I’ll sell my shares in the company and become a professional cam cat manager.

Just think of all the double entendre possibilities

Me when I’m forced to go anywhere.

Also I was bitching about the saddle and the lady I was next to was like “it’s got tons of padding its comfy..”. Sit bones of steel4ever

Bike snobs make for bad stationary cyclist

My brother and my sister’s boyfriend work and train at a gym nearby and convinced me to grab a free membership.

Who woulda known I’d spend half the 1:45 adjusting the seat height of a stationary bike and complaining about clips and straps being bull shit.

Also according to the shitty stationary I did a belgian crit at an average of 28mph so I think it’s broken cause I’m no longer epoed out and 150lbs

I’m going to a western themed bar tonight inside of valley forge casino for a party. I’m gonna probably be super bored

Things people do at country bars:
Drink lots
Like country music
Ride mechanical bulls
Line dance

Things I don’t do:
Drink lots
Like country music
Ride cows fake or not cause that’s dumb
Oh and any dancing I do is too terrible to be contained in some cartesian coordinate system

I’m staying over too since it’s a long drive and the hotel inside is cheap. Boo