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I was running on the treadmill at the gym for 20 minutes listening to Supreme Clientele before I realized the tv on the wall displaying Fox News was connected to my treadmill control and that I was personally responsible for that BS being we watched by 20 people.

My workshop is two blocks up on 5th and Erie. The neighborhood has surprises ranging from wheelie boys to horse stunters I guess. This is philly btw
Chronos grave is the best grave

I wonder if I’d care more about premodern history if kings and queens rode tyrannosaurs. Genghis Khan riding a Utahraptor. Sorry Hannibal, Scipio would have had it a bit easier on top of a Giganotosaurus

Hell I’d even take the lame ass magic system from ASoIaF. If Jesus warged into a ostrich and kicked Tiberius in the balls Wikipedia would be a hell of a lot more interesting.

Uh so I found this poor baby limping across the highway last night. Not sure how old it is but it moves pretty slow. Both back legs move but it prefers not to put weight on one unless it has to.

Got some kitten milk but it chewed the nipple off. Can’t really figure out the age due to it being pretty thin. It has teeth but I can’t tell if the molars are in to put it above milk age.

Got ‘em, coach!
So I bent all these shitty zinc boxes for Iron Studio here in Philly and they finally shared a photo of the finished product and jeez their patina work made the effort in bending butter soft-shit metal almost worth it.

Zinc blows


me flirting: So…capitalism…pretty fucked up right

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